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Chris Bradley, President

Personal Mission Statement

I am a husband

I will continue to be the contributing partner in my marriage. I remain committed to the vows I made over 22 years ago to my partner, best friend and lover. My “why” is inextricably linked to my wife.

I am a father

I will be a positive example for my two boys. This includes admitting when I make a mistake

and apologizing accordingly. I will encourage my sons to be the best people they can be utilizing their unique attributes, talents and work ethic. I will share my experiences so they can use them as a tool to help navigate the world while encouraging them to develop their own filters, perspectives on the path to becoming men.


I will be a good person

I will be true to myself so I can share my integrity with others. I will challenge myself and go through the barriers fear presents, to reach my personal goals, overcome adversity and provide for others. I will ensure my physical and mental health are maximized so I have the energy to give more each day. I will listen, ask questions, thereby seeking to understand before I opine. I will focus on people’s abilities, not challenges or weaknesses. I will ask for assistance whenever I need it. I will invest in myself.


I will seek business leadership positions

I will continue to lead by example. I will offer advice when it is requested as a donation or as a paid service and not because I think I know more. I will own my own company(ies) so I can allocate my time and resources in the most effective and efficient manner. I will be resolute when my values guide me to a solution and remain humble when others disagree.


My expertise and technical skills will position me to serve

I will invest in my professional skills to remain on the cutting edge. I will evolve and adapt to the ever-changing world. I will continue to develop my expertise in order to ensure I provide my clients, peers, family and friends with support, advice, training, and business expertise they need and deserve. I will collaborate with others that I trust so my blind spots are reflected back to me.


I will strive to build quality long-term relationships

My goal is to deliver more value in every interaction with clients, family, friends, and business partners and to only work with people where reciprocity, mutual respect, integrity, and honesty are the foundations of the relationship.   I will continue to take the high-road in all negotiations, discussions and relationships.


I will help my clients discover the best solutions

To their sales opportunities, service opportunities, and personal development needs by actively listening, providing feedback and counsel and performing services to the highest standard of excellence.


I will serve my community

I will continue to use my skills to serve my community but endeavor to grow my contribution in new and innovative ways including connecting others. I will continue to teach my children respect and the importance of being a valued member of society at whatever level they can participate.



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