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You may be looking for a career change, an opportunity to make more money as you believe you are worth more, or just thinking about sales as a new career possibility. The truth is that sales is an honourable profession and a lucrative one if you have the desire, passion, and commitment to do whatever it takes to be successful. We have worked with a lot of salespeople over the years and know for sure that you must clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses before you can truly learn and grow to reach your true potential. We have listed the 5 major weaknesses that can impact your sales performance. Please review:

  • High need for people to like you
  • Tendency to become emotionally involved
  • Not comfortable talking about money
  • You are not a good decision maker
  • You have too many self-limiting beliefs


Let us explain so you have a better understanding of how this may be impacting you. If you really like people and love getting strokes from prospects, then you will accept that as future business. You may get hooked easily when a prospect gives you a shot or raises an objection and you start justifying your position by talking and talking. You may have a low money threshold, meaning that if your product or service is above your personal threshold it will not be easy for you to ask for a higher amount. You may not be good at making key decisions in your personal life and now you will have to ask total strangers to make decisions when they don’t really know you. We all come from different backgrounds and situations, so you may have self-limiting beliefs about yourself that are not true.

If you would like to know more about yourself and how you can have a great career in sales, then get in touch and we can help you.

If you have already done some comprehensive profiling on yourself, then let us know and we can review that with you in terms of a good career fit.

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