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Phil Davis, Senior Partner

Personal Mission Statement


I am a father

I will be a positive person and positive example

I will encourage my daughter at all times

I will help her understand the ways of the world


I will be a good person

I will help others when I’m able, without sacrificing my goals

I will say yes when I can and no when I can’t

I will be the type of friend to others that they hope I will be

I will not be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help when I need it


I will seek business leadership positions

I will continue to be a leader by example

This will be manifested in my sales, service support and personal development


My expertise and technical skills will position me to serve

My clients, peers, family and friends by providing them with advice, coaching, training, business expertise and support that they need and deserve


I will strive to build quality long term relationships

With my clients and suppliers and to deal fairly and honestly with all people and companies I encounter and I will continually endeavour to increase the level of service I provide for my clients at all times


I will help my clients discover the best solutions

To their sales opportunities, service opportunities and personal development needs by actively listening, providing feedback and counsel and performing services to the highest standard of excellence


I will serve my community

In ways that reflect my commitment to my clients, family and friends by showing my appreciation for the help and support that they have given me.

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