Most organizations take days or weeks even before they have an ad to post on a job site. This process can be more labour intensive if a senior level employee leaves. After you post the role you must sift through the countless resumes and only to find few fit with exactly with what you want. Then you begin the process of meeting with people whose resumes don’t quite match with their presentation skills. These candidates can frustrate the process because you know they won’t make it. You have a decision to make. Hire someone that isn’t a fit or go through the process all over again. During this time, you are losing potential sales. But those aren’t the only costs. You also must consider the time could have used to streamline your operations. And then there is the opportunity cost of not having someone selling for you or managing your important clients. In some cases, that can mean the loss of ten of thousands of dollars. If the person you hired doesn’t stay, that number can double or triple. Consider delegating the process where you receive feedback from seasoned professionals about your structure, team and onboarding process. An outside hiring system should provide you with stronger candidates and be guaranteed. Think about the value to your business of hiring a great sales person that delivers results! Like many things hiring without a defined and tested process can ultimately be penny wise and pound foolish.